[Record Breakers] Grand master of record Dr. Lee Jong-kwan who overflowed with The first and best records

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[Record Breakers] Grand master of record Dr. Lee Jong-kwan who overflowed with The first and best records 


Dr. Lee Jong-kwan, CEO of Plus A Academy, is a grand master in the field of records. Various certificates, best, and first modifiers are overflowing. 




It has 10 Korea's highest record certificates, three world's first and highest record certificates, and 64 national technology and government certificates and international certificates. Including 23 private certificates, the total number of certificates increases to 87.


The state has 79 awards, including the Silver Tower Order, the Presidential Medal, the Prime Minister's Award, and the National Assembly Standing Committee Chairman's Award, 175 government and institution appointments, 12,000 books, and 21 vocational skills development and training teachers' certificates. 


There is no end to learning. He has a history of engineering through prestigious universities in the United States, England, Russia, and Japan, including domestic universities. a master's degree in business administration He earned a doctorate (business administration, philosophy) and an honorary doctorate (philosophy, pedagogy, industrial management, and psychology). 


Dr. Lee Jong-kwan can't leave out impression marketing. He established the world's first "impression marketing" theory that combines business administration and philosophy and received rave reviews from Dr. Peter Drucker of the United States, who is called the father of modern business administration. He is also active as an inventor. 


It has 25 invention patents and copyrights, including "How to make mild ginger powder" and "Development of zinc peppers and red pepper leaves for improving blood sugar." There are several patent applications under review by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. 


The fields of natural dyeing, natural soap, cosmetics DIY (application, lotion, tinger, etc.), alcohol, fermentation, and baking, which are hobbies, have related certificates at the level of experts beyond hobbies. Dr. Lee Jong-kwan's various hobby information and experience are driving the idea of convergence of creativity in deriving patent ideas. 


CEO Lee Jong-kwan is an expert in the field of education who served as the head of the Human Resources Development Institute as an executive of Hyundai Group after serving in key positions at LG Group and Hyundai Group. After 36 years of working, he served as a member of the Presidential Advisory New Education Community, a professor at Hankyung National University, an adjunct professor at Wonkwang Digital University, and a visiting professor at the National University of Thailand, TIBETAN, and MONGOL National University. He is still busy. 


From March 2012 to the present, he has been working as a professor of industrial field in Korea (quality management). He teaches 'impression marketing' by lecturing in the AMP course at Sogang University, Hanyang University, and Yonsei University Business School. 


How will the world change after COVID-19 is caught? Dr. Lee Jong-kwan emphasizes that the era of competition only with skills without academic background, delay, or career is coming, and that the future success keyword is a way to develop one's own skills that no one can replace. 


Dr. Lee Jong-kwan is a master of time management. The working hours of Hyundai Department Store Group's Human Resources Development Director were from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. He finished work by 6 a.m. and left work at 9 p.m. Excluding working hours, he devoted 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon and 5 hours a day to self-development. 


Thanks to this, I was able to get many certificates and study Ph.D. in various fields. Still, I had to sleep less because I didn't have enough time. At that time, the habit continues until now, and I sleep after 2 a.m. every day. 


Dr. Lee Jong-kwan is also the creator of the national service quality company certification system. The system he created has been implemented so far as a national system and has contributed a lot to the national system and social transformation. 


He served as a member of the National Industrial Standards Review Committee for 10 years from January 2001 to December 2010. He contributed to practical use by making numerous policy proposals for 10 years while serving as the Seoul Metropolitan Government Monitor from 2000 to monitor from 2000 to 2010. 


The customer doesn't wait. It should move the customer's mind the moment they meet eyes for the first time. Impression marketing is important for that. The impression of failure and success depends on me. Don't blame yourself for running out of time. 


Time can be made. Dr. Lee Jong-kwan did so. as a result he stood tall at a grand master in the field of record while using his spare time and reducing his sleeping time.


Sep 19, 2022.


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