[Record breakers] Senior Dr. Shin Yong-sun, who is active as a corporate evaluation, consulting, and professor

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[Record breakers] Senior Dr. Shin Yong-sun, who is active as a corporate evaluation, consulting, and professor 


Shin Yong-sun, CEO of 'Institute of Better Biz Management Consulting', earned a master's and doctorate degrees at the age of retiring from active duty and burned his passion, turning the second act of his anxious life into a flower path. Dr. Shin Yong-sun is long long far away to retiring.



He has been doing better since he became senior generation. Born in 1959, he is over 60 years old, but he is active as a professor, corporate evaluation, and consultant as well as he was active. This is the result of thorough preparation for the future and efforts.


For Dr. Shin Yong-sun, 2018 was a special and meaningful year of reversal. At the age of 60, he wrote two books for the first time in his life. In recognition of his outstanding ability as a management instructor, he participated as a member of the selection and evaluation committee for global small and medium-sized companies and star companies development projects.


It was even more successful in 2019. He wrote another history of 'acquiring a Ph.D. in business administration'. He has expanded his international activities from his alma mater, Kangwon National University's graduate lecture to a guest professor at the Mongolian Graduate School.


However, Dr. Shin Yong-sun did not walk only flower path. He majored in business administration at university. after graduation he worked as a salaryman and started a company himself and experienced a variety of bitter and sweet tastes.


In short, the driving force behind him today was dream. Because he had a dream, he became professor for the first time at the age of 60. Because he believe his dream he constantly challenged new paths and came this far.


He have a painful memory of a boy who only entered high school and recovered his tuition. After that, he graduated from college after passing the qualification examination and finished graduate school by going back and forth between his home in Seoul and Chuncheon when he was over 50. Dr. Shin Yong-sun says. The strongest and most terrifying person in the world is the one who has a dream.


Dr. Shin has never given up on his dream in his life. It is not a dream of a cloud-like illusion, but a dream that you will achieve if you work hard and try hard enough to die. As I focused on what I was doing and tried my best every moment, my dream became a reality.


If a teenager lives in adolescence, saying, "What do I do after 40s and 50s?" which is a distant future for the teenager, the life of the teenager is likely to be vain. The same is true when climbing a mountain. Before you climb, you should focus on climbing the mountain rather than imagining how you feel at the top. I think that when you reach the top, you will have a new thing to do while you are at the top.


Dr. Shin Yong-sun also experienced a desperate failure while doing business. There is a pain of being betrayed greatly by a trusted partner. In order to cover up all those past events, I made a bigger dream, and I boldly changed and challenged the path of life in the direction of realizing the dream.


Dr. Shin recalled his memories when he was 16. At that time, after writing an article on the wall of his hometown's house that strengthened his mind as Ilchon Gwangeumbeokgyeong, he engraved the title of Jukrim. The article still lingers. When I go back to my hometown, I always deal with the writing and return to the original intention I had when I was young.


Although he has already entered the senior generation, he lives with this old saying he set up as a teenager in mind. He was also involved in social activities related to sports organizations for a while. He was known as Madangbal among boxers and served as the standing vice president of the Korea Boxing Commission and the chairman of the Gyeonggi Amateur Boxing Federation.


In common words, to succeed, it is said to dig 'Han Well'. But he has different ideas. It turns completely. If you don't think this is right, leave the existing plate and break a new path with all-out pitching. That's why he boldly ended his ambitious charcoal business.


If you don't think this is right, leave the existing plate and break a new path with all-out pitching. Turn crisis into opportunity with one's own efforts. 


Dr. Shin Yong-sun is definitely recommended to be the representative "role model" of the retired generation who wants to live in the second act of a valuable and rewarding life.


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