the Laws of Nature against Disasters in Global Village

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the Laws of Nature against Disasters in Global Village


I express my deep gratitude and respect for the spirit of sacrifice of doctors in the trenches against the recent epidemic disease.


  (한글로 읽으려면 여기 클릭 ☜)



I will be my pleasure if I have chance to present the method of the treatment of the vitality and the treatment of attributes and ingredients prepared by the nature, which could lead this global village to the way of overcoming the threats against the human lives and tensions of this global village through this laws of nature.


We, as human beings, need to convince ourselves that our fight against discases including recent epi demic, etc. will lead to the encounter with the opportunity to find out the way of prevention of disease and finally to increase our health if we regard those diseases not as enemy but as chance


I have been maint aining a belief that the health is our first priority in our life until now, and which made me not only become a natural therapist in health center but also operate a food company and a health center. In the meantime, I have thought about not only questions like "who am I" or "what makes us born" but themes including mother of living creature or global village, etc, for a long time 


I have worked for oriental medicine hospital for more than 10 years by utilizing materials which have discovered by myself, but I never realized it was not a way of my life until I have become 70 years. After that, I became a person in nature.


The method of treatment which I have discovered is the treatment prepared by the order of nature, which strengthens our vital force by drinking and nubbing the ingredients and vitality of live wild herbs and accordingly recovers our health by naturally arranging the order of diseases of our body including the case of finding out a wound that we had suffered as children and curing it without any side-effect (by rubbing those in confirmed cases, and rubbing and drinking in serious patients cases).


Recently even America, as a super power, is facing scrious circumstances like more than 650,000 victims from cardiovascular disorders, more 30,000 victims from gun accidents and more than 15,000 victims from flu, etc.


So, we have to go tögether with the method of nature treatment to ov ercome the limits of treatment like this and to save the human beings through the way of new treatment and truth not from the way of competition.


I am afraid to disturb you by this letter under this kind of serious circumstances.


But, I plunk up the courage to suggest this method of nature to you because it is unfair for me not to let you know this method of treatment even after discovering it.


If I get a chance to explain and to give my food products cooked with mineral of plants to you, I am willing to go to anywhcre you want to meet to me.


Thank you




Way of Nature  


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