[Record breakers] (2) a pine tree painter Kim Soonyoung ...The best master of pine trees that move famous pine trees all over the country on canvas

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[Record breakers] (2) a pine tree painter Kim Soonyoung ...The best master of pine trees that move famous pine trees all over the country on canvas


There is a figure that comes to mind when you think of pine paintings. Kim Soon-young is a painter who specializes in pine trees that represent the anguish and emotions of the Korean people who have a strong vitality.




In the meantime, more than 600 pine paintings have been certified as the largest and largest Guinness record with 6,000 pine trees, and have been holding exhibitions steadily and continuing to break records.


His pine paintings are by far popular both inside and outside the exhibition hall. He has built his own unique painting world with bold and powerful Korean pine paintings.


When I see a pine tree with severe curves, I think it is similar to life. This is why painter Kim Soon-young is deeply immersed in pine painting. He wandered around the pine fields across the country, which had traces of Korea's 5,000-year history and years. Bonggoksa Temple. Seoraksan Mountain, Yangsan, Gangneung Pine Field, Uljin, Jangheung, Gyeongju Samneung Pine Field, Gwaereung Pine Field, Imhan-ri Pine Field, Chungcheong-do Sosuseonwon, etc. are his favorite pine fields.


His pine paintings are overwhelming on a scale. He is the main character of Korea's largest work, No. 300 Daewangsong, and Korean pine painting (1.6m×27.42m), and exhibited his work at Cheong Wa Dae from 2006 to 2008, and his masterpiece No. 200 is hung at the Seoul Family Administration Court. He also sponsored MBC dramas.


Artist Kim Soon-young served as a judge at the Korea Art Exhibition and is currently vice-chairman of Nowon Mihyup along with the board of directors of the Korea Art Association. In the meantime, he has held 33 individual exhibitions and holds a number of award records, including special selection for the Korea Art Exhibition.


His paintings contain years of patience and reflect his life. There is a love of pine trees that have protected his hometown, Sancheon, and he expressed patriotism with invisible colors. Life, wind, clouds, sky, rain, snow, birds, air, and even Ongi, a symbol of hardship, are captured in the canvas. Whenever I saw Kim Soon-young's painting of pine trees, I wondered where such powerful and strong energy was coming from.


His exhibition is always a hot topic. The "2017 Korea Forest Culture Fair," which was held for 10 days from October 20 to 29, 2017, was so popular that 500,000 people visited the painting of pine trees by Kim Soon-young.


A monk, who happened to stop by the exhibition hall of pine artist Kim Soon-young on the way, came to the exhibition hall for three consecutive days and stood with a cane all day and fell in love with 1.6m 18 18.28m super-large pine paintings filled with three walls of the exhibition hall.


At the 32nd individual exhibition held at the Chosun Ilbo Museum in September 2019, 57 pieces, including the 9.2m×2.7m Sehan Seolsong, were praised.


In particular, in the 32nd individual exhibition, a picture of a pine tree drawn by painter Kim Soon-young was also drawn in the hanbok, which was more beautiful than a flower in itself, with the artist and the picture exquisitely combined.


Painter Kim Soon-young constantly tried new challenges through pine tree painting. At the "Asia Beauty Festival" held at the Hanok Village in Namsan, Seoul on May 3, 2018, a pine tree that artist Kim Soon-young worked on a famous designer's hanbok with color-dyed paint drew attention.


Painter Kim Soon-young plants, takes care, and raises "blue pine trees" on the canvas every time he opens his eyes. As of September 25, 2021, pine trees are still growing in his studio. A pine tree filled a huge canvas with a width of 5m and a length of 1m 60. It's a 600-year-old king song. It's a pine tree that came from his fingertips. 


Painter Kim Soon-young was officially certified as a master of pine painting at the Korea BEST Master Award hosted by the Korean Association of Challenges (standing representative Cho Young-kwan) on May 20, 2021.


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